a day late and a dollar short

2 Nov

so i fully intended to partake in NaNoBloMo. and i was fully aware that yesterday was the first of the month. and then i didn’t post anything. whoops. last year when i blogged daily in november i was pregnant. very pregnant. and filled with so many different feelings and emotions. i was right on the precipice of something huge. literally. fast forward a year and some days i feel like i have nothing to say. other days i feel like i could go on and on. but then i get busy. or sidetracked. my memory is pretty much gone. at least my short term memory. i walk into a room intending to do something no less than 5 times a day only to then wonder what i was planning to do. it can be frustrating. and amusing. the wigglers are definitely keeping me on my toes these days. we are falling into a pattern. of napping. and eating. and playing. and maybe. sometimes. night time sleeping. every single day they change somehow and i truly feel blessed to be able to be here to experience it. we have been a bit more homebound than usual given the situation with my knee. but that has been okay too. some days i feel like i am going a bit stir crazy. most days i just wonder where the time has gone… i want to write more. i want to get things down so i don’t forget them. the time is passing so quickly. already making plans for the wigglers first birthday. it is bittersweet. they are at an amazing age. but it is still so hard to see them growing up.

*if anyone has any suggestions or questions to write about hit me up.


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