so, how are the wigglers?

6 Nov

so i clearly already failed at nanoblomo. but i figured that was bound to happen. and i’m okay with it. i guess i will just write when i write and that will be that. it seems like the wigglers are up to so much these days and i don’t think i have really discussed in much.

signing. walking. er, running for magoo. and toddling for cindy lou who. throwing everything out of the play area. dancing. vocalizing a few words. playing with one another. generally being a little awesome humans. so i will take them one by one.

signing. we taught hook to sign when he was a baby. i can’t recall exactly when he picked up the signs but he had a lot of them. and it was so fun to watch. and so helpful to have some inkling of what he might possibly want. his favorite sign (or at least most common sign) was please. he did it all the time. perhaps he thought it meant something else. or he was just an overly polite infant/toddler. with the wigglers i have been signing to them since they were about 6 months old. mainly i focused on eat, more, and milk. the essentials if you will. but nothing. nothing. for so long. once in a while magoo would make some indication of more. but the past two weeks or so he is adamant. more. more. more. and he means now. yesterday we had friends over and one of them was eating candy that hook had given him. magoo walked over and stood in front of him signing eat. and more. over and over. he was clearly disappointed that he was not getting any of the candy. cindy lou has also come around to signing more. usually after you give her something and say more. they also both wave frantically. it is adorable.

locomotion. cindy lou has decided that walking might be an okay way of getting around. she is a bit more hesitant than magoo and takes tenative steps. she can walk across the room but is still more inclined to crawl to get somewhere quickly. magoo has been walking for over a month now. so clearly that is not enough. now he runs. all over. and likes to walk with his hands way up in the air.

tossing. if this were an olympic sport i would wager that cindy lou could be a competitor. our little lady likes to throw everything out of anywhere she is. toys in crib. out. bottle when she is done with it. gone. all around the baby corral are toys. i put them back in and out they go. sock tossing is another favorite pastime of hers.

dancing. our little man can shake his tail feather. any music gets him movin and groovin. he has a handheld toy where you press the button to play music. he loves to hold this and dance around in circles with it.

words. for months magoo has been saying what sounds like mama. we however were not so quick to believe he was saying this with any intention. until we noticed that he tends to say it when he wants to be picked up. or when he is crying. so it does seem purposeful… recently he seems to be saying more as well when he makes the sign. cindy lou loves to say hi when you say hi. and when she is waving. they clearly understand more than they say but it is fun to have them begin to really express themselves vocally as well.

playing together. sure sure they play together. i can imagine most people saying no way. but they do. not often but i swear they play tag. and peek a boo. and they make one another laugh. sometimes i will be sitting on the couch and they will both be playing over in the corner and i will hear shrills of laughter. and then cindy lou will come darting out and hide behind a table or put her face into the couch or floor. so cute. magoo also loves to steal toys from his sister. snatches them constantly. not sure how to make that stop…

so in a word the wigglers are: awesome. they are so. much. fun. we play. and eat. and laugh. they communicate. and kiss us. i like this age.



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  1. Jen 6 MonUTC2011-11-07T12:35:06+00:00UTC11bUTCMon, 07 Nov 2011 12:35:06 +0000 2009 at 12:35 PM #

    It sounds awesome!!

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