7 Nov

before we had kids:

i slept a lot more.

i drove faster.

i loved less.

i went out to eat.

i returned phone calls in a more timely fashion.

i watched more television.

i worried a lot less.

i was more self-centered.

i was less aware of how children see things.

i sat down to eat my meals on a regular basis.

i gave less of myself.

i showered more frequently.

i would have never believed how easy it is to become accustomed to being covered in spit up.

i fretted over insignificant things.

i ironed my clothes.

i didn’t find myself singing along to kids music.

i never thought twice about staying out late.

i took fewer pictures.

i wrote more.

i was less content.

i thought i knew how my life was going to turn out.

i wanted for illusive things.

before i had kids there was a piece missing somewhere. and now it has been found.


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