3 Dec

i was supposed to run a marathon today. 13 days before my babies first birthday. but i didn’t. instead i hosted a few friends for coffee. and cake. and babies running amok. it wasn’t quite the same. but it works. breaking my knee cap was kinda stupid. but i can’t change it. and really let’s be honest. not running a marathon and getting to be home with you family isn’t really a bad thing. i have a few more weeks until i can run again. i hope.

in less than two weeks my babies will be a year old. a whole flippin year old. no idea how this happened. last year at this time i was pregnant. super pregnant. over 35 weeks. large and in charge. and feeling my babies rolling around inside of me. not sleeping. itching crazily. and taking on water at a ridiculous pace. we were right on the precipice. the edge. no idea what to expect. it was cold. and snowy. but i remember feeling warm. and cozy. and excited by all that was to come. it is strange to be thinking all these things. remembering what was. and reconciling it with what is.

for some reason december is making me think. and feel. and remember. i like it.



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