16 Dec

the wigglers first birthday feels monumental. and I’m not sure why. they clearly won’t remember it. despite all of the milestones they have each attained. but there is something more that is perhaps less about them. and more about me. i mean we made it. a year. with twins. and a seven year old. and we are all in relatively good shape. we are healthy. and happy. life is beyond good. it is great. this weekend we will commemorate both the wigglers birthday. and our year with twins. and three children. and me being a stay at home mom. and m as the sole breadwinner. and so very many other things. so maybe that is what it is – the culmination of so very many things – that makes it feel so huge. so incredible. so overwhelming – in a good way. it is indeed monumental. for all of us. and I can’t imagine it any other way.


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