who needs sleep?

20 Dec

my babies sleep through the night. sometimes. i really can’t complain. most nights either one or both of them is up. but only once. and then i am up at 7 to get hook off to school. and they are pretty much okay until then. most nights. but their progress in the sleep department has in no way improved mine. i am up. usually 3-4 times a night. call it insomnia. or paranoia. or just plain ridiculousness. whatever it is i is weighing on me as of late. i want to sleep. i am tired most of the time. and yet i can’t seem to make it happen. most nights i fall into bed. exhausted from who knows what. and i sleep soundly. for a bit. and then i am up. thinking. planning. remembering. worrying. hoping. time and again. not sure if the sleep deprivation is contributing to it. or feeding off of it. but wow i would love a full night of sleep. obviously not the biggest problem ever. but i have to believe that a little more sleep would go a long way. to maintaining my sanity.


One Response to “who needs sleep?”

  1. meridith 6 ThuUTC2011-12-22T11:30:05+00:00UTC12bUTCThu, 22 Dec 2011 11:30:05 +0000 2009 at 11:30 AM #

    A bit of chamomile tea before bed maybe? I know some folks suggest melatonin too, but I’d split tablets until you feel confident about your grogginess level during baby wake-ups. I also really like valerian or skullcap tinctures (not together) if you don’t mind alternative stuff. Can you tell i’m an old hand at sleep and its wily tricks?

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