oh and look at the time

21 Jan

it just keeps moving forward. the wigglers have already witnessed the advent of their 13th month here. and they are well immersed in their nascent toddler-ness. there are so very many things i love about this age. and some that i am not quite as fond of… cindy lou hugs magoo. constantly. at times even tackling him to do so. and if you ask for a hug nine out of ten times she will oblige. the baby girl is obsessed with rubbing or whacking her head into things. not entirely fun when she head butts you but oh so sweet when she comes up and rubs her head on your leg. your arm. or your head. oh and her giggles. pure magic. i want to bottle them up and save them forever. because i am relatively sure no one could hear those giggles and not melt into a smile. she also loves to lay on her belly or her back and play with things or look at books. for the fleeting two minutes that count as attention for a 13 month old. but all the same i like it. and magoo. he is a handful. but not in a bad way. he has started pushing his sister out of the way with a quick shove. not really a fan of that. though it is somewhat comical to witness. magoo tries to repeat words. or sign for things much of the time. he says buh (book) and da (dog) over and over. while frantically pointing. the boy is a bit intense. and persistent. he shakes his head no when he goes near something he knows he is not supposed to. and you can almost see him trying to stop himself. self-control is hard. and i imagine it is super hard when you are just over a year old and everything. i mean EVERYTHING. is new to you. but he actually is pretty good about listening. unlike a little girl who shall remain nameless. magoo blows kisses. and will run into your arms. he wants to be around people all the time. and has started screaming or rather screeching at times to get his way. we are not fans and are doing our darndest to try to not give in. and to curb his um, over enthusiasm at times. both my wigglers line up at the baby gate frantically signing “eat” when i ask if they are hungry. and again when i ask if they are ready for a nap. (judge all you want for the gates but really with two i see no other way short of tethering them to the wall. or duct tape. hmm…. ). they lap the coffee table in rapid succession. often dragging a “bike” or pushing a coz.y coupe with them. magoo pushes cindy lou around in the car. and they both love to push it up to a couch. or a table. and then climb out the window on to the furniture. there are so many -sometimes even too many – things going on with them at once. i love the mornings when we walk (or drive when sub zero) hook to the bus stop and they have breakfast and then i sit down with a cup of coffee and watch them play together. and laugh. and smile. and just explore the world around them. i feel so very fortunate to be able to bear witness to their days.

the time it goes so fast. too fast.


2 Responses to “oh and look at the time”

  1. Kristen 6 MonUTC2012-01-23T01:32:35+00:00UTC01bUTCMon, 23 Jan 2012 01:32:35 +0000 2009 at 1:32 AM #

    Way too fast. N is 14 months as of today. 14 months!!! How on earth did that happen?! I’m afraid that tomorrow I am going to turn around, and 14 YEARS will have gone by…

  2. strawberry 6 MonUTC2012-01-23T11:30:04+00:00UTC01bUTCMon, 23 Jan 2012 11:30:04 +0000 2009 at 11:30 AM #

    They’re adorable, and definitely sound like they’re keeping you on your toes! 😉

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