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i love love

17 Feb

and no i am not talking about valentine’s day. i mean sure that was lovely. hook thinks any “holiday” is superb and really one that involves chocolate and cute little cards exchanged in class can’t be all that bad right?! and he still wants us to be his valentine. at school he decorated us a cookie. and made each of us n less than three cards. very sweet. and since we are aware that the days of him wanting us to be his valentine are fleeting we appreciate it while we can. the wigglers were indifferent. and i spent hours working on a little book for m. generally v-day passes without much of a glance from either of us. but for some reason (i blame p.interest and it’s ability to lull me into a false belief that i too can be crafty). m made me a sweet card. and we ate tasty thai. and all was well. but back to the subject at hand. love. my kids love each other. all of them. both magoo and cindy lou who are enamored with their big brother. enamored. and they have this love for one another that melts my heart. literally. they hug. and kiss. magoo will walk up to hook and hug him. or kiss his sister on her head as she is sitting there. he stops nursing sometimes and looks up at me. laughs. and asks for a kiss. a big open mouthed sloppy kiss that only a baby can deliver. and he has started to hug. like really hug. squeezing you and all. and cindy lou. she hugs. and rests her head on you. and once in a while she will give you a kiss.  when she feels like it. but more often than not this is reserved for magoo. if i am changing their diapers on the floor she tackles him. hugging and laughing. all the while. the connection between them is palpable. amazing. energizing. in a way i am envious of it. that relationship cannot be forced. or created. it is real. and natural. and utterly adorable. on occasion they will hold hands. in their stroller. or while playing. and they babble back and forth. sometimes even grunting at one another. like little cave people. across the room. it all makes me smile. they love love. and so do i.

part of my valentine for m


a whole lot of baby making going on

10 Feb

but not here. seems like quite a few of the ladies out in blogland – as well as some i actually would know if i bumped into them – are either in the family way or making a concerted effort to get there. all of which i think is incredible. and amazing. i remember that desire. the impulse. the stress of it all. i will admit to be slightly envious. but only slightly. around these parts i feel like i have my hands relatively full. what with a seven year old who does not stop talking and two nearly fourteen month olds who rarely stop moving it is safe to say my days are just packed. m and i have discussed having more children. on many an occasion actually. mostly in passing. often after one of our brood has done something undeniably adorable. or we throw out name suggestions to one another like we need to have somethin waiting in the queue just in case. though as we all know it isn’t like one of us might just end up pregnant unexpectedly. coming from a family of five children m thinks two more would be ideal. i usually counter that one more would be a lovely addition. with less of the madness. i loved being pregnant. i mean it was terrifying at nearly every juncture. since it took so long to get pregnant i was consumed by a fear that i would not be able to stay pregnant. but i did. and it was incredible. i felt confident in my body in a way i never have before. and i grew two of the most amazing little humans ever. even with all of the attendant madness of newborns. and twins. and newborn twins at that. i would do it again in a second. but alas these days both m and i find ourselves thinking our family is complete. five is a good number. we have been so fortunate to have three beautiful healthy children. and that seems pretty incredible.

it was about day five of vacation that i think we both looked at one another over a lunch that included screaming by both wigglers. crying. vomiting. three dirty diapers. a spilled beverage. a missing shoe. food smeared down the front of a shirt. and two wardrobe changes. and concluded that three kids is definitely enough. in fact some times it is even more than enough. of course any decisions made under such duress are never truly valid but for now it appears we have a consensus. i am excited for everyone embarking on their journeys to have a baby. or another baby. or two. i hope you all get exactly what you desire. i will be sitting here on the sidelines surrounded by my phenomenal family. cheering you all on.

and we are back…

9 Feb

7 days. 2 plane rides. 2 hotels. 3 kids. 6 days of being on our feet for 12+ hours. innumerable fantastic memories.

to indulge both m and hook’s obsession with a certain young wizard we hit up uni.versal for the first two days before heading over to hang with the large rodent and his crew at all four of the parks. it was amazing. and exhausting. and exhilarating. and fun. and trying. and incredible. i went in with a bit of trepidation. mostly about sleeping. and traveling. but it all worked out. as i knew it would. we just rolled with it. hook loves to travel. and he was honestly surprised with the trip. and grateful. and in awe. and at times frustrating. but so very excited. and happy. the wigglers were accommodating. napping in the stroller. and somewhat adapting to sleeping in small cribs and/or pac n plays. or at least kinda sleeping in bed with us in the case of cindy lou. the babies were able to go swimming. and run amok in the hotel rooms happily throwing tissues everywhere and standing on the luggage. hook got bolder as the days went on and started to love roller coasters. m and i just rolled with the punches. adjusted plans as needed. and enjoyed our kids. we managed to get trapped on the it’s a small world ride by a technical malfunction. magoo was less than amused. but it was quite comical. cindy lou happily shrieked and clapped through country bear jamboree. and i attempted to keep magoo quite by bfing him. most days someone lost a shoe. or in one case even a shirt. hook dropped his wand (it broke a little) and completely melted down. all of the kids ran around in fountains that randomly shot water from the ground laughing and getting soaked. while a crowd of nearly 30 people gathered around to watch. m and i overindulged. in food. and booze. and spending. but it was all completely worth it. i can’t really say what my favorite part of our trip was. it all fits together. so many highs. and very few lows. all together it paints a pretty amazing picture.

and we have returned. the mouse clearly had it’s way with us. evidenced by the plague that is now running rampant through our house. but luckily it held off until our return. or at least close to it. and it’s just another story we can tell when we look back on our vacation in years to come.