3 Mar

days keep passing here in the land of hook and the wigglers. we are busy busy busy. but sometimes i feel like we don’t do much. many days we get out for at least a bit. others we stay in and build things with blocks. or push toys up to furniture and then climb up on to it. or run wildly about. and throw all of our toys out of whatever area we are playing in. and then eat fruit. and toast. and apple sauce. and take naps. overall it is a riot and i find myself laughing and smiling much of the day. we learn new signs. and the babies continue to play with each other and near one another. the connection between them is palpable and quite incredible to see. hook has quickly morphed into an amazing reader. he consumes nearly any book he can get his hands on. and draws pictures and writes stories nearly daily. it is all amazing to bear witness to. last weekend he started snowboard lessons. he loves it. and it is super cute to watch. looking forward to getting the wigglers on skis in the next year or two as well.

i wish i had more to say. but really the days fly by. and i am continuously amazed by how all of the children change and grow. life is good around these parts.


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