15 Jun

so tomorrow the wigglers will be 18 months old. one and a half. how the heck did that happen. and how did it take so long. it goes so fast. and so slow. the silly adage “the days are long but the years are short” seems more than apropos. as of late the wigglers have been incredible. amazing. wonderful. and absolutely insane. magoo has taken to throwing himself on the ground quite a bit. and crying when you put him somewhere he doesn’t want to be. cindy lou has her own idiosyncrasies of course. she doesn’t listen. not that she can’t she just doesn’t really care. you tell her to do something and  she ignores you. blatantly. magoo is more of a rule follower. as i have said from the get go. cindy lou looks like me as a baby. and magoo has much more of my personality. not that i throw myself to the ground all that much any more. but i do crave routine. so the fact that we don’t walk hook to the bus every morning now i think is throwing him for a bit of a loop. we go outside and get in the car to take hook to camp. and he freaks. throws his legs out and looks at me like what the heck are you doing crazy lady?! and also repeats bus, bus, us. over and over. i have never met a kid as obsessed with school buses as him. i wish i taped it at some point. but he literally jumps up and down and cheers when the school bus arrives in the morning. definitely a highlight of his day. cindy lou is also a fan but slightly more subdued in her enthusiasm. at least on that point. she on the other hand is in love with the chickens. this year we decided to get chicks (read m and hook really really wanted chicks and i begrudgingly obliged). for the first few weeks (especially in MN) they live in your house. in our house that was in the bath tub. we have two full baths and we never use the tub downstairs. so it was home to the chickens. and every single day. multiple times cindy lou would run in there and stare at them. make noises at them. do the sign for bird to them. she loves them. (but doesn’t really want to touch them). well the chicken coop is nearly complete and the chicks who are now quite large have moved outside. she still runs in the bathroom every morning and looks for them. and every time we go in the backyard she runs over to their enclosure and signs bird. adorable. good thing we are just using them for eggs…

both are also huge fans of the swing. we have one baby swing. should we get another? maybe but really… they will be using real swings soon enough so why bother. we try to get outside every day. and i am attempting. and i do mean attempting. to make some connections with other parents out there. especially parents of twins. not that other parents don’t get it. but running after two kids the same size at the same size is a unique (and amusing experience). let’s just say i have not exactly sworn off the idea of leashes quite yet. this week we hd a “play date” – i will always hate that word. with two year old twin girls and their moms. it was great. and fun. i think all the kids enjoyed themselves and it is crazy to see how much closer they are getting developmentally. i think we first met when the wigglers were about 4 months old so the girls were ten months old. but now that they are a year and a half and two it is fun to see the interactions. and always great to talk to another mom who is fun to be around.

i can’t say i am loving this age. appreciating it. no doubt. it is amazing to watch their little brains develop and learn new things. and have them start to come into their own. but it is also frustrating i think for all of us. they are trying desperately to express themselves. and they sign quite a bit. and babble. but usually i am guessing what they want. and it breaks my heart when i can’t help. or figure it out. i should toughen up. but seriously they can both be so adamanat at times that you are left wondering why can’t i understand you?

hook on the other hand finished out his year of first grade with gusto. he is reading like a champ. he is curious. interested. a good friend. a great big brother. a fantastic helper. and really just a darn good 7 year old. he started some camps this week and will rotate through a few different ones to hit some competing and amusing interests. this week and next are sports camps. then on the art. a little time off. then golf. how to make comics. touring the cities. and the like. he is a good kid to keep busy. and really i’m not all that exciting when i am trying to decipher what a baby shoved in it’s mouth or why the dog is carrying around another one of my socks. again. it’s good for all of us. time away. and time together looking forward to some trips to the zoo. some parks. the museums. and the like. all while working 20 hours a week. having a nanny for ten. and training for two half marathons. busy – yes. happy – absolutely.


4 Responses to “one.five”

  1. tumtumtree3 6 SatUTC2012-06-16T18:03:46+00:00UTC06bUTCSat, 16 Jun 2012 18:03:46 +0000 2009 at 6:03 PM #

    Happy half-birthday, Little Ones! (And I’m glad to hear you’re actively seeking friendships!)

  2. allison-lee 6 SunUTC2012-06-17T11:20:48+00:00UTC06bUTCSun, 17 Jun 2012 11:20:48 +0000 2009 at 11:20 AM #

    Glad to hear that you’re happy. It seems you have a lot on your plate. I can’t imagine watching so many littles, one seems to keep us quite busy enough for now! Hope your summer is off to a good start.

  3. tbean 6 SunUTC2012-06-17T19:10:41+00:00UTC06bUTCSun, 17 Jun 2012 19:10:41 +0000 2009 at 7:10 PM #

    I have to say, I’ve often read the “this year is so much better than last year” bit about year two. I guess maybe I just had easy babies because I find this year much harder and more exhausting. I can’t say I’m loving this age either. Appreciating it and reveling in the amazingness of the turtles. But loving it? Not really. So I was glad to read this.

  4. Cindy 6 SunUTC2012-06-24T21:07:03+00:00UTC06bUTCSun, 24 Jun 2012 21:07:03 +0000 2009 at 9:07 PM #

    fun! and i don’t know what it is about buses, but kids sure love them, right??

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