24 Jun

so let’s be honest. i am not a huge pride fan. it is crowded and hot. and well – a little weird. maybe i am conservative a little in my “gayness”. i am a woman. i love a woman. we have kids. it’s all good. but m. well she loves it all. the spectacle of it. the parade. the park. walking around being solicited by everyone and their brother or sister to sign a petition of pledge something. you end up covered in stickers. and glitter. and paying $6 for a crappy lemonade. with tickets of course because exchanging money would be too simple. anyhow. this weekend was pride. yay. we knew it was coming. and m wanted to go. and i am along for the ride most of the time. i ran with my crazy dog early. showered. we headed to the farmers market for the best eggs ever. because yes we have chickens but they are too lazy (or young) to produce eggs yet). then off to the festivities. wigglers in their “better shocks and handling” than my car B.OB stoller. and the boy. we walked around a bit. it was quiet. because everyone was gearing up for the parade. so that was a bonus for me. then we headed off to the races. or the parade. trying to push our suv of a stroller through throngs of half naked people. or people sporting tails (what is that about?!) or rubber shirts. or leather thongs. met up with a few friends. and then a few more. and we watched. overall it was alright. perhaps it is my anti-anxiety meds speaking. but i was alright. i immersed myself in my friends and my kids and ignored the rest of it.

it is a big year here in MN – LGBT wise. apparently some bone head saw fit to put it on the ballot that the general public should be ble to vote on whether we should have an amendment BANNING marriage between anyone other than a man and a woman. seriously?! i want to vote on other peoples marriages. and their divorces. idiots. so it was important we were there. to support the cause. so much of the parade. and the park festivities were focused on voting no to this hateful amendment. we supported the cause. embraced our “gayness”. but if someone can explain to me know to explain to our seven year old why there are men parading down the street in leather thongs with whips that would be awesome… not judging, just looking for some input here…

the wigglers took it in stride. a bit fussy at times but when push came to shove – they napped. that works too… hook loved it all. including the mini donuts. candy thrown at him. and free beach balls.


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