2 Aug

i wish i had something real to say. something substantial. but maybe not having that is okay as well. but it seems like the days just keep passing. the hours at times drag. some days are insanely challenging. most are incredibly amusing. and i would not change a thing. well…perhaps where we live but other than that i am living the good life. yes the wigglers are, well, wigglers. cindy lou is a dare devil. she climbs everything (but not out of her crib yet thank goodness!) and then jumps off. without a care. not even looking most of the time. and laughing. i am already imagining the broken bones she might incur as a result of this carefree nature. on the flip side she has also developed some stranger anxiety. she grabs pretty tightly to me or m in new situations but within minutes warms up and is happily laughing, running, and as i mentioned jumping off of things. mr. magoo is my little cleaner. he is OBSESSED with the vacuum. i mean it is a dy.son and i like it too but seriously. and this morning i was dusting (a rather rare occurrence) and he started crying because i wouldn’t give him the duster. he also is awesome at picking up his toys and sorting them into the right bins. a little OCD never hurt anyone right. he also loves to run. he pumps his right arm only and it is quite adorable. he doesn’t stray too far and listens (most of the time) far better than his sister. they are both picking up words right and left. magoo is obsessed with the el.mo lmfa.o parody on you.tube and i actually think it helps his language development. strange but i will take it. they are putting two words together at times. and they are funny. they try to make you laugh. and each other laugh. they really do seem to be the best of friends. and i love to see them play together uninterrupted. hook also has a great time with them. he has an amazing ability to distract them when they are upset and crying that i so appreciate. just tonight he asked me when they will be old enough to share a room with him. sweet sweet boy.

BRIEF INTERRUPTION – read with hook. taught him random things about the underground railroad and then astrology (No not similar at all and no I am not a big believer or disbeliever in astrology) and the wigglers punctuated the silence with some screaming so now they are hanging out down here with me. drinking water and throwing things. apparently i seemed bored. or in need of entertainment of the toddler variety…

and back to where i was…. fingers crossed they are ready to sleep now. you never can tell some days. for the most part the wigglers sleep well. we are down to one nap. afternoon – 2-3 hours. and night time is 11-12 hours usually. nope no complaining here. but once in a while. they just opt against it. like tonight. one baby is definitely easier in that respect. you hold them. you rock them. you get them to sleep. two. not so much. you go in for one and the other stands up and starts chatting away. throwing things out of the crib. i took cindy lou who downstairs to sit with me for a bit and magoo starts wailing. retrieve him as well. they played for a bit. i read another book. back up to bed. who knows. they like to do this when m is away. a little test i think….

anyhow. the summer is flying by. hook is in golf camp this week. hilarious. i go to pick him up and he is in a helmet and swinging left handed. he is right handed. i asked why and he wasn’t really sure. camp counselors – like teachers – are kind of amazing. i could not corral all those kids. well i was a camp counselor so i did. and i was a TA in a masters level class. but still not the same. soccer finished up this week and recommences in a few weeks. not sure what else the boy will be involved in this year. he has so many divergent interests and we cannot entertain them all. but still it is fun to watch how his mind works. and learns. and changes. same with the wigglers. that moment when something clicks is so fun to see. like when i am reading and there is an elephant so i say bring me the elephant. and one of them does. and then i say bring me the other elephant. and they do. it is so cool. maybe i have been home too long and my brain is mushy. either way. i am loving it. so yes. a few more weeks until school starts again. a few more camps. some more work. some time with our PT nanny. and hopefully taking in some things that I promised the boy. movies. exhibits at the museum. learning how to ride a darn two wheeler (we live in the hood and there are no good places close to ride plus his last two bikes have been stolen off our porch so i will justify it. but still. needs to happen) all craziness. amazing. at times insane. at times unbelievable. most days overwhelming.  but it is life. with a 7 year old. and 19 month old twins. and a super hard working mama. and a stay at home part time working mommy. school will hopefully allow us all to fall back into a pattern will be nice as well. it will be good. for the babies. for hook. for me getting some work done (i work 20 hours a week as a legal contractor from home – great but difficult). for the nanny to have a set schedule. for us to maybe get involved in some activity (though the fact that most want one adult per child is obnoxious). we shall see. another month to try to figure it all out….

what else? m and hook had an incredible time in nicaragua. i think i already said that. i had a birthday. uneventful. 33. last year was a little crazy. not bad. not great. but eventful. hoping this year yields some amazing things. i am not big on new years resolutions but i like birthday/yearly goals. one of mine is to wear a dress/skirt at least once a week. so far so good. dress last week. skirt today. it’s kind of fun. and nice to feel not so frumpy all the damn time. for my bday i did receive some amazing gifts. hook picked out some bracelets for me in nicaragua. and m gave me a gorgeous necklace that says in morse code “my heart forever”. i love it. the wigglers tiffed me this year but i’ll let it slide. only because they are so damn cute. and mischievous. and awesome. all at the same time….

and a few pics to round things out



3 Responses to “well…”

  1. Jen 6 SatUTC2012-08-04T17:38:51+00:00UTC08bUTCSat, 04 Aug 2012 17:38:51 +0000 2009 at 5:38 PM #

    Good to hear from you. Sounds like you all are staying busy. I love the pictures of the little ones holding hand and the one of hook and his brother just melts my heart. Hook looks like such a good big brother! I must have missed the Nicaragua part but what a great trip for them to take.

  2. gaybyrabies 6 MonUTC2012-08-13T14:25:31+00:00UTC08bUTCMon, 13 Aug 2012 14:25:31 +0000 2009 at 2:25 PM #

    What is it with little kids and vacuums? At daycare, all the kids take turns helping the teacher vacuum. My son says goodbye to the damn thing when he leaves school at the end of the day. I’m right there with you on the blog writers block. I love my kids to bits, but they sure have turned me into a boring homebody.


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