news flash

12 Oct

i completely suck at following challenges — photo or the like. i was on a roll there for a bit but then life happened. again. or i forgot to post things. or i was working. and yeah. well. anyhow… in my real life i am excellent at follow through. in blogland maybe not so much. i think i will take the former over the latter….

we went away this past week. to the east coast. CT where my 6’4″ 29 year old “baby” brother was getting married to an amazing beautiful woman with an absolutely precious 2.5 year old son. stayed with my grandparents. and so many family members were able to meet the wigglers for the first time in their 21 years of life. and see hook for the first time in 3+ years. yes it has been that long. for so many. too many reasons to explain. but eric’s wedding was not to be missed. he was my first best friend and one of the few people in my life who is a real hero to me. hook had a grand time hanging out with his great grandfather amking  rubber band guns. carving things into wood. and just hanging out. my dad gave him this antique paul mccart.ney doll that he has had for 48 years. the wigglers were social and funny. and crazy and difficult. i saw a few friends that i wanted to. explored some of my old stomping grounds – saw the house i grew up in (it was sold 15 or so years ago). my old schools. we had breakfast where i used to work 17 years ago. so much changes and stays the same all at the same time. there was a lot of good to be gleaned from the trip. things pulled from the edges that i often overlook.  the wedding was incredible. hilarious. and so much fun. my boys both danced their little booties off. cindy lou who strutted around in her tutu (I had a matching one but was advised it was not wear it — it still got use as the bride, the groom, and many others donned it for photos and the like).

and after 3 days we headed south to PA. to meet M’s sisters new baby girl. Little K. a month old. so sweet. so cute. 9 pounds of amazingness. i do not even remember when the wigglers, let alone hook were that small. cindy lou was nearly half that size when she got home. crazy how fast they grow and change. it was a good time for all. the wigglers were super excited to have a new un-baby proofed place to run amok. m and her sister made tamales. and refried beans. and the next day homemade meatballs and pasta and sauce. we ate well. we drank well. and i got to hold a teeny tiny sweet cooing baby. this all pretty much confirmed i do not want a anymore kids. i love them desperately, but i think in our case — three (kids) is a crowd.spencer’s love of babies does not make me want to have more. even a little. we have a good life. a great family. and that is that.

but in despite of some, um, interesting flights with the wigglers i would like to get back sooner to visit. we have amazing family. we just happen to live near none of them. we are fortunate to have amazing friends who we have chosen to be our family here. but it’s never quite the same…



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  1. Jen 6 MonUTC2012-10-15T15:57:07+00:00UTC10bUTCMon, 15 Oct 2012 15:57:07 +0000 2009 at 3:57 PM #

    It sounds like you had a great trip and what an adorable little baby. I feel ya on the challenge….I sucked at it too.

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