the good…and the rest of it

14 Nov

so let’s be honest…this pre-two twin stuff is pure insanity. maybe it is just my twins. perhaps i don’t know what i am doing. or i am doing it wrong. but these two are way more than a handful. they are a fistful. some days even a bucketful. i swear they are plotting ways to make me insane… no i am not paranoid. well, maybe. cindy lou is, um, spirited. i guess that is the best way to put it. this should not come as a surprise. in utero this is the child that was in an entirely different position every single ultrasound. i could see her flipping over completely in my uterus (i kind of miss that in a weird way). she is feisty. head strong. and defiant. she climbs EVERYTHING. out of her crib with an agility and upper body strength that would impress olympic athletes. she tumbles down things and gets up without a single tear. but she also screams. and screams. and sobs. wanting nothing to do with you. and leaving you no idea what to do with her. not something i am entirely accustomed too. but in the next minute she is asking for a hug. a kiss. she is laying with hook. or laughing with magoo. she is feeding the cat. and gently petting the dog. the other day we were at the store and in her sweet little raspy voice she told the checkout person “have a good day”. it was so adorable. and her laughter is contagious. she wants to read continuously. but she is a handful. give her an inch and she will run with that mile. if the doors are not closed she is upstairs in a flash. she climbs over gates and both into and out of her crib. she is the sole reason i am hesitant to set up a christmas tree this year… but wow is she cute. and she has the best stare down of anyone i know. feisty. and sweet. and indescribable. some days i think we need an exorcist. other days i wonder if we should clone her…

and magoo. my sweet sweet boy. he is a helper. puts the dishes in the sink. clothes in the washer. and steals baby wipes to clean furniture, pets, toys and his sister. he is my little re-peat. if i say it he is bound to say it shortly thereafter. he tells the dogs to leave the room when he is eating – in between tossing them food or feeding them spoonfuls of whatever he has. he tosses crackers into the heater. and runs like a bandit when given the chance. he is obsessed with his new monkey sneakers and proudly carries them around. he feeds the dogs. and pushes his sister down. he loves to be held. and refuses to hold anyones hand besides mine. he is easy to hold close and breathe in because he so desperately wants to be near you. and he dances. and dances. and dances. whenever he can. his favorite refrain lately is “different song. different song.” if he doesn’t like what is on. he is chatty. some babble. some super clear. but he is also defiant. influenced by his sister. and sinister in his own ways. but way more likely to follow directions and share. when prompted at least.

and then there is hook. the newly annointed eight year old. he reads voraciously. is obsessed with legos. and has developed a new desire to talk back. still skating the line between black and white there is little grey in his world. he is funny and kind and a fabulous big brother. he is willing to give. to help. and to share. but just as quick to feel ignored. he talks incessantly about everything and nothing. i try to catch it. breathe it in. remember being 8. but honestly it is so hard to put yourself back there. i can recall teachers and things i learned but much of everything else is patchy. confused. unclear as to time and place. there are of course poignant memories but the rest is a muddled mass. i just want to make sure that even in the midst of toddler chaos that is unlikely to improve for who knows how long that he is important. his thoughts matter. his feelings matter. and i would do anything for him.

three very very diverse and divergent personalities. magoo is much more similar to hook. mommy’s boys. looking for reassurance. hugs. just to know you are there. and then little cindy lou. the child who will likely be my demise. she is a mini me as far as looks. but personality. i dare to say i was not half as spiritely. it is also like you always need to be anticipating her next move just to ensure her safety. and your own sanity.

so yes. that is where we are. mid-november. tired. overwhelmed. excited. immersed in our lives. and trying to laugh our way through all of the insanity.


One Response to “the good…and the rest of it”

  1. tbean 6 FriUTC2012-11-16T14:04:04+00:00UTC11bUTCFri, 16 Nov 2012 14:04:04 +0000 2009 at 2:04 PM #

    Almost 2 twins is insanity. I don’t have an escape artist, like Cindy Lou, but my boys are handfuls (and fistfuls and bucketfuls) most days.

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