17 Nov

yeah so things are all super exciting in our household. m is working nonstop in the retail world. yay holidays. hook is busy in school. enjoying it and hating it at the same time. and the wigglers are, well, on the move. they have been climbing out of their cribs for a while now. it is almost impressive to watch. cindy lou started it and has amazing uper body strength. i am considering taking her to the climbing gym with me. i have no doubt she could scale a wall in moments flat… and the magoo. he also hops out. but usually only when he has a purpose. like to tell us “cindy lou is upset” or “Cindy lou is in there”. and not only do they crib hop but they also hop over gates. seriously they may be part monkey (not sure what that says about me…). after a few nights of me sleeping on their (hardwood) floor to ensure they stayed in their cribs we opted to take the plunge. transition to toddler beds. at 23 months. and 1 day. 1 friggin day. too young. and that was reaffirmed this evening. after a rather difficult night where both wigglers ran amok in their room throwing books, clothing, and anything else they could find for over two hours i cleaned up and deposited them in their cribs. and laid down on the floor myself. and we all slept. i guess that is the benefit of pure exhaustion. around 2am i was able to escape into my own bed for a few hours…

this morning they were well miserable. tired and cranky and just not themselves. so we figured let’s give it a shot. toddler beds. easy enough to remove the front of their cribs (after toddler proofing their room). so m and hook headed out to assess a few bullseyes pre-turkey day and the wigglers and i embarked on toddler proofing. they were not entirely helpful except that they did make it abundantly clear that i should remove EVERYTHING from their rooms. pad the walls and put a mattress on the floor. sadly that isn’t likely to happen. so instead i anchored furniture to walls. moved books, toys, a side table, a lamp, etc. while they threw around more books. diapers. and emptied entire drawers of clothing onto the floor. after picking it all up and feeding them lunch i put them down for a nap. in their cribs. the exhaustion was evident and i was hopeful. they can nap. i can nap. perfect. and they did. not for too long but long enough. and i got a short nap in as well. and then cindy lou woke up screaming. and i went in. allen wrench in hand and removed the front of their cribs. magically transforming them into toddler beds. they were concerned. confused. and slightly distressed. but they hopped down and asked for a snack. after a rice cake or two they were significantly grumpy still. and i was not optimistic about the evening. m had picked me up a foam mat for the floor. and i secured the closet. and put up two gates in the open doorway – stacked one on top of the other. and bedtime rolled around. m and i brought them up. hook read a book or two. i laid out my mat and pillow. and they started running amok. back and forth between beds. jumping. laughing. crying. screaming. eventually they both laid down on the floor with me. fine as long as they sleep (despite the fact it was 7:30pm). cindy lou fell asleep. magoo pushed it and pushed it. eventually laying on my chest. and then poking his sister. who started sobbing and sobbing. i asked for reinforcements. m came up. and rocked. swayed. played soothing music. nothing seemed to help. so there i was. in the dark. at 8:30 at night. reinstalling crib fronts. it will have to work for now. and i may spend nights on their floor. their room is definitely safer now when they do climb out. and once in a while we might get some sleep. i will take it while we can.

yup twins are fun.


2 Responses to “transitions”

  1. Jackie 6 SunUTC2012-11-18T00:54:31+00:00UTC11bUTCSun, 18 Nov 2012 00:54:31 +0000 2009 at 12:54 AM #

    This sounds…. Awful. And terrifying.

    Just out of curiosity…. A mattress on the floor and a completely baby proofed room sounds like a pretty good idea. Is it truly not possible?

  2. Jen 6 MonUTC2012-11-19T13:49:07+00:00UTC11bUTCMon, 19 Nov 2012 13:49:07 +0000 2009 at 1:49 PM #

    Oh jeez. I’m now dreading the transition for my little guy. Too bad you can’t just buy lids for the crib 😉

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