return of the cribs

27 Nov

so i wasn’t entirely sure it would work. the transition to toddler beds. and well it definitely did not. i honestly believe they are too young for it. being tired is one thing but then actually knowing that means you should lay down and go to sleep is another… i’m not all that good at it either.

cindy lou was pretty sick last week with roseola – high temps and miserable followed by the tell tale rash. so i reassembled her crib (ie put the front back on and she slept well in it) but every morning she was out. in the glider reading. or in her brothers better or bopping around doing whatever. magoo on the other hand was all over the darn place. i put a double mattress on the floor and spent most nights sleeping there. after allowing magoo to bounce and run and jump. naps were just not happening for the boy either. and in his finest form he would try as hard as possible to wake his sister. and then i would bring him downstairs and he would be miserable and it was fun for everyone.

yesterday was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak… i woke up at 6 and showered. i could hear the little monkeys in their room but opted to shower before retrieving them. when i walked in to their room (it was still considerably dark out) i spotted a pair of eyes looking at me from on top of the dresser. oh wait – two sets of eyes. so i snapped a few pics. and then removed the children. thanking someone that i had enough foresight to anchor the dresser to the wall. seriously. it is hard not to laugh but scary at the same time…

m mentioned that she had an idea that just might work. so after i dropped hook at school we gave it a shot. basically we removed the metal frames that hold up the mattresses and put the mattresses on the floor. and voila 6-10 inches gained. i got in the cribs to ensure there were no spaces even as large as the space between the slats in the crib fronts. and then i wrapped the bottom support beams to ensure their little heads would not whack into them (though really they can hit their heads on the sides, the front, etc. but anyhow, i was making an effort…
so with this mission completed i took the wigglers to toddler open gym expecting them to run off some energy. of course since we were somewhere new they were hanging tight to my side. there were a few other kids there. most a bit older. and eventually they started partaking in the fun. riding on some toys. kicking balls around. going down slides. etc. but little running or insanity that i was hoping for until of course i had to almost wrestle magoo back into his jacket – you know the one he wouldn’t take off almost the whole time we were there. didn’t happen. (fail – it was 14 degrees – but you pick your battles right?) and the car was warm. so lunch and then nap. i was admittedly skeptical. and paranoid. but i deposited the little heathens  um angels in their cribs read a few books and hoped for the best. magoo was not so happy. a little yelling. but he quickly stopped. and cindy lou was out for the count almost immediately. i flipped on the sweet video baby monitor i picked up from craigslist at a super discount last week and waited. and all i heard was. nothing. well not nothing there is a white noise machine. but no fussing. no crying. no yelling for mom. or elway. or sadie (our dogs). so i peaked in from the double high fenced in door opening and lo and behold, they were asleep. aforementioned dogs went crazy when UPS guy showed so they were up after that but still. no struggle. just sleep. ahh.

and then bedtime approached. i was still a little skeptical. fine for a nap but bedtime. all night. was it safe? would they not freak out? they laid down and went to sleep. i checked on them. i had m go check on them and reposition the monitor so i could see both better. then i opted to sleep on the mattress on the floor just to be safe. i checked on each of them. and checked again. and again. uber paranoid. party of one right here. but they slept. so around 3:30 when it was clear i wasn’t getting any sleep if i stayed in there i went to my room. begged m to give me back my pillow and slept unsoundly for the rest of the night. and in the morning i opened to door and there were two munchkins. sitting in their cribs. reading. and laughing. and grunting back and forth to one another. can they talk? yes. but they still use this caveman like language between each other that i appreciate significantly.

so that is where we are. another successful nap today – so successful in fact i had to go wake them so we could retrieve hook from his after school activities. and bed time wasn’t as easy. magoo yelled a bit. cried for maybe five minutes. tried to climb out and then apparently gave up. i could hear cindy lou babbling to him so i cannot be sure if she was telling him to quiet down or if she was promising him they would devise a tried and true escape route tomorrow. either way sleep has returned. for the moment. and i will take it for however many days. weeks. months? it lasts.

and here is a picture that i kind of just enjoy…


2 Responses to “return of the cribs”

  1. mamaandmummy 6 TueUTC2012-11-27T23:18:51+00:00UTC11bUTCTue, 27 Nov 2012 23:18:51 +0000 2009 at 11:18 PM #

    Well done! I would never have thought of removing the crib fames. Filing that one away for later! I was going to suggest a crib tent but googled them to find they’ve been recalled. Scary! I hope you can get out of their room and get yourself some much needed sleep. Good luck!

  2. allison-lee 6 WedUTC2012-11-28T10:45:25+00:00UTC11bUTCWed, 28 Nov 2012 10:45:25 +0000 2009 at 10:45 AM #

    EXCELLENT idea. I’m glad it seems to be working out.
    Fortunately our guy is only interested in climbing into his crib, not out of it.

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