where it’s at…

5 Dec

two turn tables and a microphone. or not. so yeah. not sure where i left off. magoo is back in his crib. m turned it around so the higher part is in front and for some reason this has confounded him… not sure why but i will take however many days it buys me. tough his new schtick at bedtime is screaming to “get down. get down.” so one of us usually needs to sit in there nearly forever until he falls asleep. cindy lou usually happily chats, sings, or browses through books. she can get out without issue but for whatever reason she has seemingly called a hiatus on crib escapes. i will take it. knock on something large and made of pine please….

oh and then there is work. so for the past few or eight months i have been working part time. mostly from home. i am (regrettably perhaps) one of those legal types. i contacted the company i used to work for and they had some availability for me so i took it. twenty hours a week. i commissioned a nanny part-time (former day care worker at hooks daycare) for about ten hours a week. and all was going swimmingly. kind of. working with kids at home is hard. they have no interest in you working while they are awake. and when they aren’t awake you have a million other things to do. including nap. i must admit that when the wigglers were little i NEVER EVER napped. seriously. i was so sleep deprived but i could not nap. now i am all about it. i sleep horribly so an hour or two of shut eye in the afternoon is pure bliss. anyhow. back to work. i am technically a contractor. my own business. self employed. i even have a fancy LLC and all that. and business banking accounts (i won;t recount that story but suffice it to say i doubt the banker will forget it anytime soon). so all is going along sideways swimmingly. not dead. but not all that great either. and I get a phone call. new policy for company A. 40 hours or nothing. this is Wednesday late afternoon. they would like an answer by Friday. at the latest. i won’t lie. the money is lucrative. the work. boring as all get out. but the opportunity to put my family in a better place is enticing. and i feel like i should be able to do it (based on the principle that sleep is not really necessary). so m and i discuss. and as reluctant as i am. for oh so many reasons i concur. and so it is. full time contractor beginning next week. but i only contacted the nanny for 28 hours. hmm. this seems difficult. impossible – no. problematic – yes. i feel like a magician nervous for their first trick. or a race car driver embarking on innumerable laps hoping not to crash. we shall see. is this where i want to be? not even close. is it where we might need to be right now? perhaps…

i know so many out there work in cyber land work with one or more kids. but full time without full time help, three kids, two dogs (including a lovely neurotic sweet weimeraner),  a cat, and five non-egg producing chickens…. any advice is appreciated and much needed…


2 Responses to “where it’s at…”

  1. tbean 6 WedUTC2012-12-05T09:48:13+00:00UTC12bUTCWed, 05 Dec 2012 09:48:13 +0000 2009 at 9:48 AM #

    28 hours a week will give you an awesome head start. You will probably need to fill in the remaining two hours a day after bedtime. (So, if there are hours of sitting on the floor of the wigglers room each evening, that’s M’s shift!) But yeah…working for home with toddlers present is challenging. I’ve been doing it every other day this fall and it is definitely hard–but doable. Glad you found yet ANOTHER crib solution to hopefully buy you some more time. What monkeys! And, even though it will be hard and boring, the extra $ will be so nice.

  2. shroomie 6 WedUTC2012-12-05T13:50:01+00:00UTC12bUTCWed, 05 Dec 2012 13:50:01 +0000 2009 at 1:50 PM #

    I am not sure if I have much advise- as I am seriously in the same situation as you. (seriously, three kids, two cats, one dog, four chickens…sheesh!) Hence I must leave you a comment- and say – well done for you! You are doing great things for your family- and while it may be tough – it is appreciated. Hang in there!

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