Christmas-y crafts – updated

18 Dec

So yesterday I received a lovely holiday decoration from the ladies at lezbemoms. I will post a picture as soon as I get back home. check! It was a lovely gift and I feel fortunate that this exchange exists so we as a community can get to know one another and spread some cheer. And I think we could all use a little extra cheer these days in light of the atrocities going on around us…

xmas craft

The craft for my unlucky recipients (that admittedly looks like it was made by a 7 year old – makes me think I can be all crafty and stuff – I’m not) is sitting beside me on the car seat. Boxed up and addressed. It is going out today. It is. it is. hook scolded me this morning for not sending it yet. So so sorry for the delay but it will be there soon. I promise! And them you can heartily laugh and hope I never send you anything again. it has been mailed – ETA of Friday – late I know. bad bad Jill. whoops.

Pictures to follow soon.

And thanks for all the birthday wishes for the Wigglers. They have already assured me this year will be no easier than the last. But I’m ready for it… Please pass the wine.


One Response to “Christmas-y crafts – updated”

  1. gaybyrabies 6 TueUTC2012-12-18T11:26:11+00:00UTC12bUTCTue, 18 Dec 2012 11:26:11 +0000 2009 at 11:26 AM #

    The craft you sent me last year was awesome- so awesome that I decided to steal the idea to have the kids make for their grandparents. But then they got distracted by a little ornament kit at the craft store and refused to leave without it, so the plans changed. I digress. I am sure your craft is every bit as amazing as last year.

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