26 Dec

christmas. with children is so different than christmas. as a child. different expectations. different views. anticipations. you see things through these eyes that sparkle and believe in mgic and happiness and the power of all that is possible. at least that is the hope. and at least for hook that is still true. the wigglers. meh. they still don’t really care yet. just another day. they woke up this morning to flashing lights and sirens. as did i. sadly our next door neighbors home was on fire. windows were being smashed out. the roof was having holes poked in it. beds patted down. seven children live in that house. seven. two families. it was 4:45am. and i was wide awake. smoke billowing out of their roof. and all i could think was where are they? where are the kids? what do they need? i came downstairs. looked around. assessed the situation. m came down as well. i made some coffee. admired the tree. juxtaposed to the smoke in the background. and the red and white lights flashing in my house. the wigglers were awake. i brought them down. they were uninterested in the tree. the gifts. balance bikes. anything else. just wanted to see the trucks. look out the windows. and once the trucks were gone i went to check on hook. the kids next door are his friends. they play in our house. we go to the bus stop with them. so i shielded him a bit. for the sake of christmas. we opened gifts. at first the wigglers wanted to open one thing and play with it. then they suddenly decided they wanted to open everything. all at once. and it wasn’t even 6:30am. exhausting. and amusing. all at the same time. hook was excited and pleased. legos. a guitar and lessons. books. ET. i took half the wigglers toys. stashed them away. to dole out later. too much. with a birthday. and xmas. nine days apart. a quiet day. spent in pajamas. with a nap. for most of us. a bubble bath for the twins. bed time antics. elf. and a magnificent dinner. time with my family. the ones who matter. and mean the most. merry xmas to all.

thinking of all those who have lost so much as of late. newtow.n. new york. next door. india. darfur. suffering all over. doing what i can. to raise good people. and make things right. one way or another.


2 Responses to “holi-daze”

  1. catsandcradles 6 MonUTC2012-12-31T01:15:30+00:00UTC12bUTCMon, 31 Dec 2012 01:15:30 +0000 2009 at 1:15 AM #

    I’m so sorry for your neighbors, and I deeply hope everyone is okay. My family had a house fire, at the end of my freshman year of college. No one was home at the time, and all the pets but the guinea pig made it out okay, but it was still awful.

    On a lighter note, the wigglers sound much like Critter this Christmas. He sort of got some of the idea, and was excited about it, but he didn’t totally get it yet. Particularly the opening presents part. Anything he unwrapped, he wanted to open and play with right away, and forget about unwrapping anything else.

    I hope that you all have a great New Year!

  2. Jen 6 MonUTC2012-12-31T12:59:19+00:00UTC12bUTCMon, 31 Dec 2012 12:59:19 +0000 2009 at 12:59 PM #

    craziness…I hope the neighbors are ok. It sounds like despite everything the kiddos had a good christmas. From what you write they seem like decent little humans. So far, so good 🙂

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