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we are still here. are you?

24 Apr

I want to have something to say. something meaningful. something that makes people think or question or whatever. but really we are just rolling along. lots of hurdles. lots of laughs. the days are so fast. and sometimes painstakingly slow. two has definitely thrown us for a loop. such strong feelings and outbursts. cindy lou is her in utero personality exemplified on the outside. nonstop. running. climbing. jumping. yelling. she is our “spirited” child. or explosive child. or the sweetest little thing ever. I go from thinking she needs an exorcism. to wanting to clone her. she is intense. and focused. it will serve her well no doubt in the future but right now quite honestly it can be very difficult. trying. heart wrenching. and infuriating. she throws things. has tantrums for 10-30 minutes. and is dead set on what she wants. I love her tenacity but abhor her outbursts. by nature I am a quiet person. more observant and willing to express myself in written word. or intimate conversation. and I understand that a two year old doesn’t get that. but really she is so much more than I ever anticipated. and I love her to pieces. her newest thing is to grab your face and say very sweetly what she would like instead of yelling. I think she knows it is harder to say no then… good thing she is cute.

mr. magoo. much quieter. crazes organization and order in general. our little clean freak. he is obsessed with cars. the movie. and wants to see it all the time. more verbose. with this cunning sense of humor. he gets it. and knows when he is being a jester. he randomly gives hugs. and asks to cuddle. rather than demanding to sit on your lap (like his sister) he sidles up next to you and asks for a hug. a kiss. to snuggle. my sweet sweet boy. so much like hook. except for his nearly OCD cleaning tendencies. hook definitely does not have those.

and hook. my boy. so sweet. so gentle. so loving. I never thought I would be negotiating arguments between an eight year old and a two year old but truth be told they all need equal attention at those ages. two years olds are obviously more physically demanding but eight year olds need and deserve your attention. your time. your focus. hook is too forgiving. too sweet. too willing to accept whatever. he is a great kid. and an amazing big brother.

so that is us. right now. I would post pictures but this is my work pc. yup work. I do that. for 40 hours a week. some from home. some out of coffee shops. or libraries. really it is absurd and an incredible opportunity at the same time. if that even makes sense. a lot o exhaustion but hopefully some free flow income to get us out of here and to where we want to be. and the kids love our nanny. and her daughter. they are learning. and having fun. it’s good for all of us right now.