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11 Oct

just when you are start to get into a rhythm. a flow. a routine. something happens to disrupt it. children are in constant flux of course. learning new things. doing different things. mastering varied skills. and we learn to adapt to the changing sleep/wake patterns, the feeding schedules, etc. the wigglers and I have gotten into a pretty comfortable schedule since hook went back to school. nothing set in stone but rather predictable. so, needless to say, we have experienced a bit of a, let’s say hiccup. yesterday morning after wigglers had eaten breakfast and were playing I decided I should get to some cleaning since a friend and her son are coming to visit for a few days. there is a tension rod in the bathroom that held up a curtain I wanted to wash (hook likes to dry his hands on it). it wouldn’t budge. so I hung on it. and down it came. as did I. as soon as I hit the floor I knew I did something. I laid there in stunned silence for a minute or two. got up and grabbed a bag of frozen locally grown organic peas to use as an ice pack. and hobbled into the living room. wigglers continued to play unphased. I sat down and texted m. “I think I broke my knee”. she responded with concern. after a few minutes wigglers needed to go down for their nap. somehow I managed to get them upstairs. m came home and I headed off to the ER. for 5 hours. after some xrays and a ct scan it turns out I did indeed break my kneecap. whoops. so I am in an immobilizer. and am supposed to be using crutches. all this of course is complicated by the two small humans who run the roost. and hook who has his own comings and goings that need to be attended to. so needless to say we are experiencing a bit of a shift in routines. not sure how much we will be getting out for a while. and i may go against my nature and actually ask for some help. and that marathon in december is clearly a no go. it could definitely be worse. it will just take some adjusting to.