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a long and quick few weeks

22 May

we all survived my escape to california. m was able to manage 5 chickens, 4 days, 3 children, 2 dogs, and one cat without me just fine. and no one was worse for the wear. of course getting away is always nice and once i was on the plane headed west i was feeling pretty good – even given my concerns about not having appropriately weaned magoo. i had a fabulous time with two of my very favorite women in the world. big s.ur is in a word incredible. majestic. breathtaking. well i guess that is a few words. as for the run – there is no better place in the world to be in pain. we ended up walking much of it since k tweaked her knee early on. but we frolicked and laughed. took pictures. and sported some pretty kick ass wonder woman socks complete with little fluttering capes. and when you are running into a steady 35 mph head wind those capes are a fluttering. would i do it again? in a heartbeat. in fact we are already trying to plan another adventure – perhaps even one that does not involve running absurd distances. but we will see how that pans out. i returned home happy to see my family and dove immediately back into my life. due to some consistent and persistent extended family drama i did not end up heading to the opposite coast the following weekend. and while that was difficult – i have to believe that i did the best that i could in a bad situation.
since then things have been steadily moving forward. the wigglers have stretched my abilities – and my sprinting abilities – on a regular basis. they are quick. and agile. and dead set on doing whatever it is that they want. the fact that they only have a few words but lots of signs is only minimally helpful. they understand most everything we tell them. but they are also 17 months. and well. quite honestly – they often just don’t care. hook is finishing up the school year and ready for a summer of camps. golfing (his choice not mine). soccer. and friends. m is busy finishing up a chicken coop in our back yard and planting a small plantation of assorted veggies and fruits. it is sort of like our own little urban farm oasis. except for the throngs of children that think it appropriate to jump in our yard whenever they are so moved. perhaps a higher fence. or an electric prod may be in order…

**and as far a weaning mr. magoo it was sort of natural. when i returned fro ca he requested to nurse. but there wasn’t much there. and he wasn’t overly interested. he is however cutting some molars now and when he wakes up in the middle of the night he pulls at my shirt and gets quite frustrated i have nothing to offer. i hope this will pass soon because it makes me feel a little guilty, but honestly son – the well is dry.