a garden of children

1 Sep

hook started kindergarten today. kindergarten. he was so excited. came bounding into our room this morning to remind me he started school today. it was super cute. took the requisite first day of school pictures. grabbed his lunch and backpack and headed out. once we were actually at school he got a little nervous. and held tightly to my hand. i tried to reassure him and he wavered between confident and trepidatious. the entire scene was a bit of a clusterf&@k of parents, students, and school personnel which made m even more concerned that they were going to lose him. i don’t think they will lose him per se but i started to get a little worried that they tried to put a tag on his backpack with a bus route on it. hook doesn’t take the bus. he never will. ever. unless it is on a field trip. we got that squared away and hung around for a few minutes. i didn’t want to be those parents that have to be asked to leave. when we decided it was time to duck out hook got a little worried and asked us not to leave. we talked for a minute, hugged, and then headed out. i am not that worried about him. he is outgoing and well behaved. he makes friends easily and his best friend is actually in his class. but still it seems so weird that hook is in school now. a whole new chapter of his life just beginning. he is more than prepared. he has been for a long time but that doesn’t make it any easier as a parent. at least both m and i managed to hold it together in front of him…that has to count for something. eagerly looking forward to hearing about his new adventures.


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